• My name is Dmitriy Danilenko. I live in Kazakhstan. It so happened that we met Velika Lefterova - sales manager of your company by pure accident. Thanks to this meeting, as well as her high professionalism, our apartment was acquired in a complex in Sunny beach, although we didn`t have any plan to buy an apartment. Nowadays our apartments are ready and I want to express my deep gratitude to Velika Lefterova, which proved herself to be a skilled and knowledgeable sales manager, for her high professionalism and grate responsibility in fulfilling her duties and responsive attitude towards us as your clients . And on a personal note, I would ask, according to your rights to reward your employee. And to you personally and to all you development company - I wish prosperity and success in all your endeavors and all the best. And, of course, wait for new clients - we already carry on a campaign here for buying a property in Bulgaria only with the help of your company.

    Dmitriy Danilenko
    Dmitriy Danilenko Kazakhstan
  • Velika Lefterova is professional, friendly, patient, with great communication skills and a smile on her face . I will highly recommend Velika as an agent . I look forward to doing business with her again . Thank you very much for your hard work. Wish all sale agents were as nice and efficient as her . Wishing her all the best in her career .

    Lidiia Volkova UK
  • We are married couple from Germany. Ludmila and Boris. For third year we own a property in Sunny Beach. And I suppose it means – we are owners. And this is thanks to one person, who helped us with the choice of our property. And her name is Velika Lefterova. And not only with the search, whichever of questions of life , car repair, money exchange, doctor, document preparing. Whoever and wherever to turn. Questions not directly connected with her responsibilities, she tries to explain as much as she can. At the end : Velika is the right person at the right place, we advise to work with her.

    Ludmila and Boris
    Ludmila and Boris Germany
  • It turned out that buying a property in Bulgaria is quickly, profitably and easy ! You just need to do it not by yourself, but to appeal to good agent. I have turned to Velika Lefterova – real estate manager in Bulgaria, and I didn`t regret for once. There were fears, apprehensions, incomprehension about where do I have to begin. I have inspected two apartments by myself, and then realized that buying a property is far too serious thing, to save on realtor. The prices were very different, but Velika found a property, that suited me. And, by the way – this wasn`t as expensive as it looked like. We`ve paid for selection, for bank approval, for attending and there wasn`t any problem at all. Velika was very conveniently to work with. She was always available to contact with, always giving a consultation, she meet us to the airport and back, she helped us with tickets, accommodation, she made us acquainted with the country itself. She advised how to make the living permission documents.
    Once again my sincere thanks and bow from me to Velika Lefterova.

    Ganiev Tagir Abdulovich
    Ganiev Tagir Abdulovich Russian Federation
  • My experience is a good search on the internet destinations in Bulgaria was not very successful, because the site of each company, naturally, offered praises of hotels and the coast, but when you try to contact them and ask specific questions, I do not always get complete answers. On the advice of my friends, who have long had a strong friendship and business relations in Bulgaria, I turned to the great Lefterova and not once have not regretted it. Completeness of responses provided by the urgency of the necessary information is perfect! Find such a professional in the affairs of the rest, buying real estate to consumer issues related to accommodation and travel in Bulgaria - a real find for us. Big thanks to her!

    Olga Kazanskaya
    Olga Kazanskaya Germany